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Product information

We will make proposals in accordance with the laws and culture of each country, so please contact us for details. We also have products that are Non-MSG, vegan, and EU compliant.

Products for Retail Stores

Products for retailers

Shaved Bonito Flakes

We offer a variety of shaved bonito flakes for home use.
Our lineup ranges from single-use types to large-capacity packages.

For detailed product information, please contact us.

Dashi packs / Dashi packs for EU

Dashi Packs & EU-compliant Dashi Packs

We provide a wide range of dashi packs, from those popular in Japan to those meeting EU standards.

For detailed product information, please contact us.



Potato chips with unique Japanese flavors are very popular.

For detailed product information, please contact us.



We have deliciously prepared concentrated tsuyu and dashi soy sauce, typical Japanese seasonings, with our unique twist.

For detailed product information, please contact us.

Products for Restaurants

We offer products suitable for restaurant use.
The product lineup includes “bonito flakes,” “shaved bonito flakes,” “dashi packs,” and “seasoning oils,” all in restaurant-friendly sizes.

Products for Food Manufacturers

We offer products that can be used as raw materials by food manufacturers.
The product lineup includes “bonito flakes” , “shaved bonito flakes” , “seafood powder” , “extracted essence” and “seasoning oils.”

OEM Services

We collaborate with our clients to develop products that suit the laws and culture of their country, focusing on taste and ease of use. Please feel free to share your ideas and images with us.

  • We offer OEM services for a variety of products, including shaved bonito flakes and dashi packs.
  • We also cater to vegan and EU-compliant products
  • For dashi packs, we can manufacture from 500 bags of 8g × 30P for home use.
  • We have experience in producing products that meet international export standards.
  • Our experienced development team with expertise in blending techniques will propose flavors.
  • We can also propose a variety of products using fish species other than bonito.
  • In manufacturing, we set control items and produce products of safe and reliable quality.


Please contact us in Japanese or English via the inquiry form. We will respond to you from there.


During meetings, which will be held in your preferred method, we will discuss and specify your requirements and specifications, focusing especially on elements that can be key selling points.

3, Prototype Presentation

To finalize specifications, the most crucial aspect is confirming the “taste” direction. Simultaneously, we will also present materials and raw material information as needed.

4,Specification Decision

We will repeatedly present and propose until you are satisfied with aspects related to taste, cost, quality, and other specification elements.


We prioritize safety and assured quality in manufacturing. We deliver reliable products made by skilled staff and in hygienically managed facilities and machinery.