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President’s Greeting

Thank you very much for your exceptional support as always. Our company originated from a bonito flake shop started in 1935 by our founder, Shosaku Kuno, in Jonokoshi, Yaizu City, Shizuoka Prefecture. Since then, we have been committed to our unique bonito flake and broth making process, developing various products along the way and continuing our business to this day. Currently, we are a manufacturer that produces everything from bonito flakes to dashi seasonings, based on manufacturing bonito flakes made from the fresh frozen bonito caught at the local Yaizu Port. We believe it is our ability to adapt the method of making bonito flakes to suit the final product that allows us to create unique items that are distinctively ours.

Our company was the first in Japan to receive certification for a bonito flake factory as an EU-compliant seafood processing facility in 2017, and in 2019, our shaved bonito flake factory also became the first in Japan to be certified for the EU. Moving forward, we aim to create unique products that will please not only our customers in Japan but also those around the world. We are committed to conveying the charm and deliciousness of bonito flakes, a traditional Japanese seasoning, to a global audience.

SHINMARUSHO Corporation President and Representative Director Tokuya Kuno

Shinmarusho Corporation.
President and CEO


Our commitment to quickly meeting customer needs for flavor and price is reflected in our motto of ‘integrated production,’ where we handle everything from the raw bonito flakes to the final processed products. We pride ourselves on being a meticulous bonito flake producer, dedicated to pursuing true deliciousness every day.

As experts in ‘dashi’ centered around bonito flakes, we offer a range of products certified by both EU HACCP and US HACCP. These products embody the essence of Japanese cuisine and represent the increasingly global spread of ‘dashi.’ We are committed to introducing a variety of products utilizing ‘dashi’ to our customers.